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Portrait of Gary Bandy

I’m Gary Bandy. I’m a Chartered Public Finance Accountant and I have worked as a freelance consultant in public financial management for public sector and voluntary organisations since 2005. As well as advising public organisations on any aspect of their financial management I teach at university level and I write books, courses and articles.

Over time I have spent more of my time teaching (in-person and online) and writing. I have taught at master’s level in several business schools and I have delivered bespoke training courses for public organisations. I wrote a MOOC (massive open online course) for the Open University and CIPFA and the Certificate in PFM for ACCA.

I have written two textbooks: Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector and International Public Financial Management: Essentials of Public Sector Accounting.

You can download my CV to learn more.

Gary Bandy Limited is a company registered in Cardiff, number 5660437.

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