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Accountants need to be good writers, too

Recently I read an article by Adam Bryant, a former editor at the New York Times, entitled Leaders Need To Be Good Writers, Too. In the article he explained that an effective manager requires strong written communication skills.

Two of the biggest traps to avoid are:

❌ Treating writing as different from speaking. Don’t use words and sentences in your written communication that you would not use in speech.

❌ Writing as if your audience is as much of an expert in the subject as you are. You need to approach communication from the audience’s point of view and write in a way that means they understand your message.

Bryant was writing about leaders in general but I’m sure these two tips are just as relevant to anyone working in finance. Indeed, if you are in a junior role and have aspirations to be a leader then now is the time to develop your writing skills, not after you’ve got a leadership role. Contact me to see how I could help you.

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