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3 tips to write faster

Here are three ways to write faster and make fewer mistakes.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

Keeping your hands on your keyboard to do routine things like select, copy and paste text, open and close documents, apply formatting styles is much quicker than mousing to the File or Edit menus

2. Use text expansion

If there are phrases or sentences or paragraphs you write often it is going to save you a lot of time, and avoid typos, if you automate them. Text expander apps allow you to type a trigger phrase of just a few characters and see it replaced by the full phrase, etc. You might save yourself an hour a week or more.

3. Use your voice

You speak faster than you can type. Voice to text transcription is built into computers, tablets, smartphone and watches (it’s all down to AI) so why not use it to “write” your first drafts. You’ll save a stack of time and the more you use dictation the better the software will get at transcribing what you say.

Which one of these three ways to speed up your writing are you going to adopt? Let me know.

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